Exclusive T-Shirt Design for Indiegogo Supporters :3

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Shoe Tree

Completed!!! It was a long year but it is finally done and I’m really excited to share it with all of you. Excited… nervous.. nauseous… but excited none the less.

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UPPPDATE! its been a while sense I’ve posted what Ive been working on with shoe tree.. Its getting intense ><!!! 

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More human flintlock characters with a little bonus.

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Color Keys for Ms. Lonnie and Skitter

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Flintlock Jones Human/Highschool AU

Basically me drawing them as humans and making Flintlock and Sig Teenagers.

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Beginning both color and line production on shoe tree. Its honestly harder then I expected, but worth it.

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Backgrounds-for shoe tree

Having super amounts of fun doing these, hopefully they will work out. 


Al and co. Color Tests n Junk!

I think I like the first one the most and its a tie between the second and third test for second favorite.

Idk, my decision might change depending on their surroundings


Al & Company Line Art and Character Designs

These are the fellows that run Flintlock’s favorite Diner.

Al was a tough Eventide kid before joining the Navy as a cook. After serving through the Great Insecticide War he returned home to run his late father’s diner. Al has lived a long and reclusive life at his Diner and is now grumpy and retired with no family. His only family now is his two employee’s Tony and Ahmad who he treats as sons. [Al has a Boston Accent.]

Tony Longlegs is a part-time fry cook at Al’s Diner and a full time thug. He’s not all that smart but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up in brute force and hand-eye coordination. Tony has a sketchy past and apparent ties to Eventide’s underground organized crime network; So it is best to stay on Tony’s good side. [Tony has a New Jersey Accent.]

Ahmad Hopper is the prep cook at Al’s Diner and an immigrant from a dry and faraway place. He came to Eventide looking to start over with only the clothes on his back. Ahmad was found in the streets by Al who offered him a job and a place to stay if worked at the Diner for him. Ahmad accepted and has been working for Al ever since. Ahmad has an extremely short temper and isn’t afraid to fight anyone or anything that overlooks him. [Ahmad has a Nondescript Middle Eastern Accent at the moment.]

I’ll be posting color tests for them whenever